Chinese Grand Prix: Back in Gear

After two Sundays of (lets be honest) not really knowing what to do with myself, the season kicks back in to gear with the tenth UBS Chinese Grand Prix. Hamilton is on pole for the first time with Mercedes, and Raikkonen and Alonso starting second and third.

I would have liked to have gotten a post down in the last two weeks following the obvious controversy over Vettel’s win at Sepang, unfortunately thesis work had to take priority. Although I was still greatly involved in the debate through Facebook, Twitter, and various people around the office. I’ve very mixed feelings about Vettel’s win. On the one hand, he is one of my favourite drivers to watch. Partly for his skill, and partly for his complete cockiness and cheek. But… I honestly felt like he was being a shitty teenager during the race at Sepang.

“I’m faster than Mark, let me through”… C’mon mate, if you’re faster than him, pass him on your own accord, but don’t tell the team to get Mark out of your way. Which brings me to the actual overtaking, clearly disobeying team orders. Again, I don’t approve of what Vettel did to pass Mark. But it made for a decent end to the race, I honestly would have been a little bored if the top four cars had just cruised over the final laps.

I’m not sure if it’s because I live in Australia, or people just hate Vettel enough, but I saw so many idiots jumping on the “We hate Vettel” bandwagon. The vast majority of Australian media has literally no clue about Formula 1, and their criticisms of Vettel weren’t even based on driving ability, F1 regulations, or even being a fair team mate. I was ashamed when I heard a Triple M radio presenter “I would have thought that by 1918, and 1942 the Germans would have worked it out… You don’t F*** with the Aussies”. This guy’s statement basically sums up the Australian media surrounding F1 the past two weeks.

All in all, I think Mark undoubtably deserved the win in Sepang. He raced brilliantly, had a perfect start, and kept a fiercely competitive Vettel at bay for nearly the whole race. Heres hoping that his anger translates in to some equally competitive racing today, despite yesterdays fuel issues in qualifying.


Triple M Audio of “Billy’s Bake”

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