Bahrain Grand Prix: A very late wrap up from the desert

Arguably one of the most controversial races in the Formula 1 championship in previous seasons, this year was relatively quiet on the politics side of things. Never the less, there was still plenty to talk about following the Bahrain GP two weeks ago.

Firstly, let me just say I was very pleased to see Vettel on the top step of the podium again (for what I felt was a more ‘deserving’ victory). I really do love watching Vettel race, but I enjoy seeing him claw his way up from the back of the grid rather than sitting up front for most of the race. His skill and ambition almost guarantee a win when he’s in the front two rows in qualifying.

Alonso’s race suffered from DRS technical malfunctions, which basically put him out of contention for the podium. Despite this major issue in speed, Alonso did manage to creep back up towards the end of the race to finish a respectable eighth.

Still, I was devastated not to be able to see a Vettel-Alonso battle on the track.

The biggest surprise for me came from the Lotus team. I was sceptical about the durability of the Lotus’ tyres, and ultimately how they’d fair for the later part of the race. Understandably I was forced to eat my words.

With every race I seem to fall a little bit more in love with Kimi Raikkonen (could he be over-taking my love for Vettel? Surely not…). But in all seriousness, neither Lotus driver had an outstanding qualifying, and Kimi managed to gain six places on the grid from eighth to finish second. Kimi just somehow manages to get the power out of the car when all the stats and practices says its lacking. Almost equally as impressive was Grosjean’s race to finish third on the podium. The French driver gained eight position on the grid, and to think I had him picked to retire. I really had to eat my words with Lotus in Bahrain.

Well, I’ve learnt a bit more about Formula 1 from Bahrain, not the least of which being that despite what the stats are, a driver’s skill can beat the odds.

God I love this sport.

– Alex

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