Spanish Grand Prix: Alonso drives home a victory

Ordinarily on a Sunday night I’d be gearing up to watch the race, but alas, there is another week until the Monaco Grand Prix. So instead of watching another race, I’ll write about last week’s.

The title of this post kind of says it all. What a race by Fernando Alonso. If you read by post from before the race you will recall my thoughts in that the front-row-streak would be broken this year, I did not expect it to come from fifth on the grid. So yes, it was very exciting to watch F1 history be made at Catalunya (even if I was watching from the comfort of my bed in Adelaide rather than track side).

Despite what overall might be classified as a rather boring race (Tyre degradation forcing teams to driver more cautiously), there were a few moments worth mentioning. Firstly, Mark Webber seemed to have his signature slow start only to gain positions as the race wore on. What is probably more worth mentioning is the first three corners of the first lap where we saw literally jaw dropping driving by Vettel (yes I’m biased) and race winner Alonso.

Even more astonishing was Kimi’s ability to somehow manage a three-stop strategy when most drivers were struggling with four. There can be only one explanation. Kimi is a tyre god.

Honestly, it was insane watching the amount of marbling accumulating on the track, and yet somehow Kimi kept his tyres in condition not only to keep his position, but gain places on the grid from seventh to finish second. I’m in awe of how he drives.

So while the Spanish Grand Prix wasn’t filled with risky overtakes, cars making contact, and sheer speed down the straights, I still thought it was a pretty great race to watch.

– Alex

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