Hungarian Grand Prix: Track Analysis

Szervusz és Üdvözlet a Magyar Nagydíj! The final round before the mid term break takes us to Budapest, and the Hungaroring. The 4.381km circuit is known as “Monaco without the barriers”, and it’s not hard to see why. The track is very narrow, with a slow sequence of corners in the second sector making it very difficult to overtake. Teams must rely on the best possible mechanical grip for their setup, rather than straight line speed. This puts teams with superior downforce, such as Red Bull, in a more competitive position. MGU-K comes into play with heavy braking zones in the hairpin at turn 1, and turns 6 and 7. Only 55% of the lap is taken at full throttle, with the two DRS zones in the first sector giving the best chance for overtaking. Once again, the absence of FRIC has seen some off moments for cars running wide at turn 11, though slightly less so than at Hockenheim. The Hungaroring is a fantastic circuit to race on, it looks more like an F1 car on a go-kart circuit.

– Alex

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