Italian Grand Prix: Track Analysis

Ciao amici, e benvenuti al Gran Primio d’Italia! The 5.793km Autodromo di Monza requires a completely different aerodynamic setup compared to any race on the calendar. Adding to atmosphere, the unique blend of long straights, and slow corners pose a circuit that is seriously hard on the brakes.
A lower downforce package for straight-line speed is favoured for Monza, resulting in some slippy cars on track (especially out of Lesmo) and a greater risk of locking the wheels into the braking zones. Hard and medium compound tyres are therefore the tyre allocation for the weekend.

In sector one, the first chicane at Rettifilo is a difficult braking zone, one of the tightest corners on the F1 calendar, and the slowest point on the circuit. Watch for the opportunity to overtake at turns four and five into the second sector. A good exit from the second chicane is needed to carry the momentum into Lesmo. Overtaking is easy in the DRS zone on the back straight before heading into the final sector. Using the kerbs on the exit of the Ascari chicane (turns eight-nine-ten), drivers approach the Parabolica at a pretty quick pace (330km/h). The iconic gravel trap at the Curva Parabolica has been replaced with a tarmac run-off area, removing an ample amount of risk from running wide into turn 11. Previously, running off-line into turn 11 and putting a foot on the grass would see drivers pulled off track and into the gravel trap. It was a corner where drivers’ dared to brake late, to push just that little bit further. This year, the tarmac run-off doesn’t save time, but it does save bodywork, and allow drivers to safely re-enter the track. Safer –yes, exciting – well…

But at least for what the Parabolica lacks in amusement this year, the Tifosi will make up for, I’m sure. To match the distinctive circuit, only the distinctive Tifosi can deliver such enthusiasm (understatement) from the grandstands.

In other news, I’m very happy to introduce a guest blogger for this weekend. Tom Grantham* is an experienced blogger and friend who has very kindly agreed to take over alelbuth for the Italian Grand Prix. Tom will be writing the Pre Race Thoughts and Race Post for Round 13, as I rather ingeniously organised to move to Madrid over the race weekend. Idiot.

– Alex

* Otherwise known as Lord Grantham

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