Mark Webber Retirement: Are the rumours true?

Well it seems my hoping for Mark Webber to harness his anger from the Malaysian Grand Prix didn’t really go to plan in China. I was disappointed to see him collide with Vergne on lap 15, and to be honest I was a little surprised to see him make such a careless mistake. As a result Webber has been handed a three-place grid penalty for today’s Bahrain Grand Prix.

There’s been a lot of talk surrounding Mark Webber this week, but this time about his apparent move to Porsche’s Le Mans team in 2014. The rumor broke last week via @F1Kate’s twitter:

“Don’t know if this has done the rounds via Twitter yet, but the talk in China is that Webber has signed a 5-year sportsdeal with Porsche”

However Porsche spokespeople have dismissed the rumours saying they will make the decision later in the year as whether to sign more drivers.

Whether Mark does move to Le Mans, or to Ferrari (as there are rumours every year), I’d be most curious to see who fills the seat at Red Bull. Personally I’d love to see Ricciardo get a chance as the number two driver.

I get pretty damn excited watching that guy drive, and with good reason. It’s only his second season in F1 and he quite consistently finishes within the points. Last week he had his highest F1 finish in seventh place, and well lets face it, He awesome. One of my favourite points in the race is when the advanced drivers start to pit (Alonso, Raikkonen, Button, all those boys), a lot of the time they come fresh out of the pit right in the positions where Ricciardo is driving before he has his first pit. Watch him. It’s amazing the pressure he can put on some of these drivers, and again let me stress that this is his second season! I shall be watching him avidly this season, and in the seasons to come (hopefully in Red Bull).

– Alex